Wine List

White Wines By The Glass

Liebfraumilch, Johann Brunner, Germany, 9.5%

Light, medium sweet with a bouquet of apple, pear and citrus notes.

175ml £3.50 250ml £4.90 Bottle £13.95

Pinot Grigio, Principato, Italy, 12.0%

Light, delicate fruit flavours and refreshing un-oaked finish.

175ml £4.60 250ml £6.30 Bottle £17.95

Sauvignon Blanc, Petirrojo, Chile, 13.0%

Zesty, herbaceous and extremely refreshing.

175ml £4.60 250ml £6.30 Bottle £17.95

Chardonnay, Blass, Australia, 13.0%            

Fresh and full of minerality with exotic flavours on the palate, the finish is warm and rounded.

175ml £4.25 250ml £5.90 Bottle £16.95


Red Wines By The Glass

Merlot Reserva, Petirrojo, Chile, 13.5%

Easy drinking, rich and juicy Merlot from the idyllic Colchagua Valley.

175ml £4.25 250ml £5.90 Bottle £16.95

Shiraz, Blass, Australia, 13.5%

Medium bodied and fruity with blackberry and cherry aromas.

175ml £4.60 250ml £6.30 Bottle £17.95

Rioja, Covila, Spain, 13.0%

A young Rioja made from the Tempranillo grape.

175ml £4.85 250ml £6.60 Bottle £18.95

Malbec, Tribu, Argentina, 12.0%

A well balanced, rich wine lush fruit flavours & vibrant acidity. Hints of toasted bread, minerals& spice, with a nose of blackberry fruits.

175ml £4.85 250ml £6.60 Bottle £18.95


Rosé Wines By The Glass

Yellow Rock Zinfandel Rose, California, 11.5%

Ripe red fruits with perfect balance of sweetness.

175ml £4.25 250ml £5.90 Bottle £16.95

Pinot Grigio Rose, Principato, Italy, 12.0%

Fruity, floral and easy drinking.

175ml £4.25 250ml £5.90 Bottle £16.95

W I N E   L I S T

Champagne & Prosecco 

Brut, Lanson Black Label, France, 12.5%
Lanson is a truly uplifting non-vintage Brut Champagne, with an exceptional purity of fruit. £54.95


Prosecco Spumante, Chio, Italy DOC

This beautiful Prosecco is light and delicate with citrus notes and hints of apple and peach on the nose, whilst soft, dry and very creamy on the palate. £18.95

200ml Fizz 

Prosecco, Cortigiano, Italy DOC, 11.0%

Gently aromatic, with crisp delicate apple flavours. A sparkling wine of natural Italian 

passion from the North East of Italy. £6.95

House Wines

Chenin Blanc, Fairway, South Africa, 13.5%

Vivacious wine with complexity of citrus fruit and hints of lime and fig.

175ml £3.50   250ml £4.90   Bottle £13.95

Cabernet Sauvignon, Fairway, South Africa, 13.5%

Round and smooth with ripe flavours of plum. 

175ml £3.50    250ml £4.90   Bottle £13.95

Rose, Fairway, South Africa, 13.5%

Pale in colour with hints of cranberry, strawberry & pomegranate aromas.

175ml £3.50 250ml £4.90 Bottle £13.95

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White Wines By The Bottle

Sauvignon Blanc, Grey Rock, New Zealand,
12.5% £19.95

A fresh & juicy wine; flavours of grapefruit & gooseberry. With a rich & lingering finish

Pinot Gris, Eddystone Point, Tasmania,
13.5% £22.95

A crisp, refreshing Summer white wine

Grenache Macebeo, Vignes de Bila-Haut, France,
13.5% £24.95

The palate of this Côtes-du-Roussillon is round, with a great acidity. A lot of freshness on the finish mixed with salty notes, which express the minerality of the wine.

Chardonnay, Deakin Estate, Australia,
13.5% £21.95

This is a finely tuned Chardonnay which entices with citrus, Beurré bosc pear and subtle toasty notes. 

Cortese, La Luciana Gavi, Italy DOC,
12.0% £20.95

A light, fresh, elegant wine, with dry, lemony flavours. Ideal as an aperitif or with seafood.
Viognier, Cono Sur Bicicleta, Chile,
13.5%        £18.95
A bright viognier with apricot, orange, & peach aromas, together with a fresh stone fruit palate.
Verdejo, Paramus, Spain,
12.5% £16.95
Fresh, full-bodied and full-flavored on the palate with good acidity, persistent, with a lingering aftertaste and a touch of bitterness that is characteristic of the Verdejo variety.
Gewürztraminer, La Joya, Chile, D.O Valle de Colchuga
13.5% £21.95
Flowery aromas of lychees & bergamot, with citrus notes. Balanced, fruity & persistent, & ideal with appetizers.
Frascati, San Marco, Italy DOC
12.0% £20.95
Light straw yellow, with a delicate lemony nose. In the mouth it is clean & well balanced with hints of lemon, peach & honey.
Picpoul de Pinet, E’tang de Sol, France ADP
12.5% £20.95
This refreshing fry white displays lovely citrusy aromas on the nose, combined to well balanced acidity & zesty finish.
Viogner, Deakin Estate, Australia
14.0% £21.95
Lusciously fruity with peach & apricot aromas & a creamy finish.


Red Wines By The Bottle

Pinotage Shiraz, Ribshack Red, South Africa,
13.5% £17.95

Complexity right through to a smooth & juicy textured finish in the mouth, bursting with flavours of deep plums, espresso & shades of chocolate.

Pinot Noir, Cono Sur Bicicleta, Chile,
14.0%                 £19.95

This wine exhibits a good intensity of red fruit, cherry and raspberry aromas. On the palate it has a medium concentration and is smooth.

Shiraz, Barossa Ink, Australia,
14.0%     £24.95

Decadent rich berry flavours pack an immediate punch which is balanced with hints of mocha & dark chocolate.

Merlot, Deakin Estate, Australia,
13.5%     £21.95

Mellow aromas with delightful cherry, blueberry, chocolate and fruitcake characters. 

Shiraz, Deakin Estate, Australia,
13.5%     £21.95

This is distinctly Shiraz, with layers of plum, raspberry and chocolate; and there’s a complex spiciness to give it a fine, savoury appeal. 

Cabernet Sauvignon, Deakin Estate, Australia,
13.5%     £21.95

A smooth rich wine with notes of blackcurrant, chocolate & spice. Perfect with chargrilled red meat or cheese.
Valipocella Ripasso, Torre del Falasco, Italy DOC
14.5% £29.95

Raisin & candied peel notes layered with ripe cherry flavours. The finish is long with added nutmeg notes.
Malbec, Seven Fires, Argentina
13.0% £19.95

Notes of blackberry, cherry & plum, complimented by hints of violet & sweet spice on the palate.

Shiraz, Hardy’s, Australia
14.0% £19.95

A full-bodied red wine with blackberry & mulberry flavours, complimented with rich pepper & vanilla spice.

Shiraz Malbec, Flagstone, South Africa
13.5%     £18.95

The nose shows plums and dark berries, with spicy undertones and hints of crushed cashew nuts and fresh mint.